Youth Development Programme
Tata STRIVE has designed an exclusive methodology to help youth make a more informed career choice.
An algorithm approach, the Interest Inventory, is a picture-based assessment of the student's interest through 60-65 pictures shown to them
The students are asked to imagine themselves doing those jobs without worrying about their abilities to do them
This enables the counsellor to guide the student towards the course that invokes maximum interest in the student instead of being dictated by personal bias
Once the course is decided, the next counsellor meets the student and takes them through innovative audio-video materials. Realistic portrayal of the workplace helps them make informed choices
Tata STRIVE invites parents of the students as well, to showcase demo of classroom sessions, tools & equipment to be used and apprises them about activities that shall take place. The parents are involved in the decision making process, to participate in the decision-making process which eventually leads to regular attendance and reduction in the probability of dropouts
Tata STRIVE does not share any domain knowledge with the students during the initial 12 days of the course
Students are encouraged to introspect on their lives and aspirations and given a portfolio to write or doodle their thoughts, reflections, dreams and ambitions
On the completion of 12 days, these writings and doodles are showcased in a gallery and a guest is invited to behold them in the presence of the students
At the end of 12 days, the students are asked whether they would like to continue pursuing the course
As per the recent observation, 90-95% continue, while the rest are allowed to leave
The classes are conducted 9-5 daily with a special emphasis on values, beliefs, emotions and self-confidence, which prepare the students well in advance for their careers
The programme is created to be a mix of cognitive and non-cognitive practices, so that the student is empowered with the necessary learnings to transition into the knowledge economy.
It includes the following modules:
Mindfulness Practices
Life Skills
Sustainability Thinking
Systems Thinking
Problem Solving
Digital Literacy
Health and Safety
Financial Literacy
Workplace Readiness
Communication Skills (Non Language)