At Tata STRIVE, the faculty is a coach, not a trainer. A team of well-qualified and expert professionals are trained on 'Empowerment Coaching', an exclusive training designed to transform tutors to coaches.
Igniting curiosity & inspiring students
Igniting curiosity in students and inspiring them to follow their passion without being judgmental.
Perceiving students as partners and not problems to fix.
Focussing on building non-cognitive skills
Problem based learning through case studies, role play, discussions, projects, etc.
A formative assessment and joint assessment with a partner is conducted.
Analysing the students' behaviour, emotions, cognitive and non-cognitive skills.
Weekly assessment and guidance on ways to bridge the gaps between possible and impossible.
Youth Development Score Card (YDSC) is a holistic approach towards youth's development
The goal is to develop self-confident youth who believe in themselves. By working on development of life skills that belong to one of the four areas: Behavioural, Emotional, Cognitive and Social (BECS), youth through expert facilitation improve their Self-esteem (“I Am”), Self-efficacy (“I Can”) and Self-confidence (“I Will”)
YDSC Provides a graphic and descriptive profiling of youth's development curve across the skills covered in Tata STRIVE program. Summating the youth's responses helps mapping the development of youth participating in the program
Unbiased, non-competitive and individualized mapping of the 'self-management' dimensions before, during and after Tata STRIVE's training program
With this, the facilitator can not only compare entry level and exit level mind-set and skill sets of the youth, but can also provide for appropriate remedial and reinforcement capsules to further assist the youth to move easily and effectively across the training program
A practice of 'goal setting' and 'stretching to achieve' is set right at the beginning through the development score card activities. The youth continues this practice beyond the program and assimilates it as a part of life
For those who have learnt on the job but do not have formal certification, Tata STRIVE has developed a process of assessment that ascertains level of knowledge and skills of the individual. Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL), is an opportunity for youth with prior experience to secure a certificate from Tata STRIVE after clearing both theory and practical assessments. Certification can help the youth to find better career opportunities.